1. Rules In General

1.1 Game Mode and General Information

The Auzom OCE-SEA Cup is a FPP Squad tournament. Each match day will consist of four rounds.

Default match times:

  • 1st Gameday: 3rd of July at 19:00 AEST
  • 2nd Gameday: 8th of July at 14:00 AEST
  • 3rd Gameday: 10th of July at 19:00 AEST
  • 4th Gameday: 15th of July at 14:00 AEST

1.2 Sign-up

Invitations will be extended to 16 teams. The remaining 16 slots will be subject to a written application. The signup window will be open from the 23rd of June until the 27th of June.

Each applicant will provide responses to the following:

  • Country of origin (of each applying player);
  • In-game name (of each applying player);
  • Experience;
  • Achievements;
  • Links to social media (Facebook, Twitter etc)
  • Discord ID of nominated Team Captain;
  • Team name; and
  • Team logo.

Successful applicants will be notified on the 30th of June. Captains and players of invited teams are not allowed to publicly announce that they have been chosen to play the OCE-SEA Cup until this has been announced on the official Auzom social media channels.

1.3 Casting & Broadcasting

Auzom reserves exclusive right to the spectator coverage of all its PUBG events. However, we would like to also encourage streams from personal perspectives of participating individuals.

The official Auzom stream will run on a 8 minute delay.

We ask any participant planning to broadcast their perspective of the PUBG events to meet the following requirements:

  • Title of broadcast must include: "Auzom OCE-SEA Cup PUBG" in the BEGINNING of the title
  • (Recommended) A 8 minute minimum delay in the stream, for your team's safety
  • (Optional) A nightbot / bot command. !auzom "Learn more about Auzom here: www.twitch.tv/auzom_gg" linking people to the mainstream

We would appreciate support of Auzom's event organization through simple means such as above!

1.4 User Behaviour

We wish to ensure that all participants within the Auzom PUBG events act and respond to user and staff content in a constructive and responsible manner.

Whilst all users have the right to express their own opinion, it is expected that members will respond to or create content on the Auzom system in a mature and non-abusive way. By registering to this system you have agreed to not post any abusive, illegal, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, racist, or sexually oriented materials whether depicted in media or text.

Auzom and its partners also have many public access areas such as its public Discord channel, stream channels and its chat rooms that are provided for your enjoyment. People that are deemed to be breaching the rules while using these services will be removed for a time period at the sole discretion of the admin team. The official language for the Auzom network is English. This will be the only language used for communication between teams.

All rules listed by PUBG Corp in their Rules of Conduct also apply in Auzom events. Violation of these rules will result in penalties that are decided by the staff on a case-by-case basis.

1.5 Sportsmanship

The Auzom PUBG events are part of an competitive esports community and as such all members joining this system are required to show good sportsmanship when competing in any of its events. No team or member of a team has the right to degrade or talk down to another player or team based on its ability or skill level. Breaches of these rules, even outside of Auzom's network, can come with penalties/disciplinary measures as all members of the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds community are welcomed and encouraged to compete at whatever level they can achieve and we expect all members to encourage and support others in achieving the highest standard of competitiveness possible.

1.6 Nicknames, Team Names, URL Aliases and Logos

Any nicknames and/or URL aliases or similar may be edited or removed at the sole discretion of Auzom. This could occur where names/aliases are deemed to be:

  • offensive, vulgar, obscene, defamatory or inciting hatred
  • protected by third party copyright or other rights without prior written consent
  • unintelligible and/or nonsensical

The above conditions are by no means exhaustive and the Auzom staff team reserves the right to redact any nicknames or aliases where it is believed to be necessary. Alternative spellings and or replacement characters being used in an attempt to bypass these restrictions is not permitted.

2. Server Settings


Comestics Multiplier: 0x
AR Multiplier: 1.5x
Crate Drop: Default
Circle Settings: Modified
Red Zone: Off
Weather: Sunny
Perspective: First-Person Perspective (FPP)

3. Managing and Matching

3.1 Check-In Procedure

Team Leaders must be present on the Auzom discord 30 minutes before the round starts. The Team Leader will receive the appropriate discord role to complete the check-in procedure.

The Check-In Procedure will be handled as follows:

  • An Auzom PUBG admin will post in the channel dedicated to the server lobby when check-in starts and what channel to join
  • Team leader must join the Check-In channel 30 minutes before the match start
  • Admin will start doing a roll call to finalize the Check-In

All teams must be present in their designated voice channel for the duration of the event. If a team does not use Discord for communication, the team leader must be in their Discord channel to allow swift communication of admin decisions.

3.2 Joining Server

All required information pertaining to joining the server and the slot each team is assigned will be posted by an Auzom PUBG Admin in the text channel dedicated to each server lobby. The server information must be handled discreetly. Sharing the informations with non-participants is prohibited.

The message will contain the following info:

  • Server name
  • Server password
  • Image showcasing the server slot assigned to each team

Servers will start according the following procedure:

  • First round: Default start time
  • Subsequent rounds: 8 minutes after the server information was posted in the dedicated channel

Teams are responsible to make sure their players are on the server and in the correct slot on time. The administration will not wait for teams or players.

Time limits above may be extended by the administration if they require the extra time to resolve any issues in the administration or production side of the events.

3.3 Lobby Seeding Procedure

For the OCE-SEA Cup, all competing teams will be randomly allocated into one of two lobbies. Thereafter the Auzom Global points system will be utilised and lobbies will be seeded each Gameday accordingly. Earned points will go to an overall scoreboard.

The top 16 teams after four days of matches will progress to the Auzom Premier League Season 3.

3.4 Player Restrictions and Instructions

  • Region Restrictions: A team must always have at least 2 players playing from within the region in any given match. If a team plays a match with more than 2 players from outside the region, the scores of that match will not be counted towards the final score of the team. Region definitions.
  • Minimum active roster size: A team must consist of at least 4 rostered players to be eligible to compete.
  • Maximum active roster size: A team may not have more than 6 players on their active roster.
  • Player history: A team is not allowed to make use of more than 8 different players per season.
  • Deadline for any changes to the roster is 2 hours before game start.
  • All rosters will be locked in the first Gameday, after that no changes to the roster can be made.
  • A player may not lend their account to another player for the purpose of competing.
  • A player may only be registered to one (1) team at a time.

3.5 No Show

The following situations can result in a No Show strike for a team:

  • The team is not present during Check-In
  • The team is not on server when round starts
  • The team did not field at minimum 3 players during the round at any time

3.6 In-Game Rules

  • No pauses are allowed during a round.
  • The rounds will be played back to back and the teams have to join the new match lobby as soon as possible.
  • A team must play with at least 3 players in any given match. If less than 3 players join the server in time, the remaining players will be kicked and will have to sit out that round. The team can join the next round with 3 players or more.

4. After the Match / Round

4.1 Point System


Round points: The point system for a round.
Round score: The points earned by a team based on their performance.
Match: A match consists of several rounds.
Match score: The total points earned for all the rounds played.

Points system

+ 7 points/kill
1st place: 200 points
2nd place: 165 points
3rd place: 140 points
4th place: 120 points
5th place: 100 points
6th place: 85 points
7th place: 70 points
8th place: 55 points
9th place: 45 points
10th place: 35 points
11th place: 30 points
12th place: 25 points
13th place: 20 points
14th place: 15 points
15th place: 10 points
16th place: 5 points
17th place: 0 points
18th place: 0 points
19th place: 0 points
20th place: 0 points

Global Points system

Lobby 1 Global Points Lobby 2 Global Points
1st place: 32 points
2nd place: 25 points
3rd place: 20 points
4th place: 15 points
5th place: 13 points
6th place: 11 points
7th place: 9 points
8th place: 8 points
9th place: 7 points
10th place: 6 points
11th place: 5 points
12th place: 4 points
13th place: 3 points
14th place: 2 points
15th-last place: 1 point
1st place: 16 points
2nd place: 12 points
3rd place: 10 points
4th place: 7 points
5th place: 6 points
6th place: 5 points
7th place: 4 points
8th place: 4 points
9th place: 3 points
10th place: 3 points
11th place: 2 points
12th place: 2 points
13th place: 1 points
14th place: 1 point
15th-last place: 0 points

4.2 Feedback

Any participant is free to provide feedback in the pubg-feedback and pubg-team-leaders channels on Discord or through any other channels. Please provide as much detail in the feedback as possible. The more constructive feedback we receive the better we can adjust and improve our events.

4.3 Replays

Replays have to be enabled in the in-game settings and can be requested at all times. The replays of Auzom events need to be saved for two weeks. In order to keep them, they have to be saved locally.

To find the replays press "Windows Key + R" and type "%localappdata%\TslGame\Saved\Demos". Click OK, that opens a folder which contains all replays. Zip the folder of the correct replay and place it in an "Auzom" folder on your device. In case your replay is requested, send in the zip file via the given Google Form.

Replay requests will be done each week, when randomly selected players will be asked to send their replays.

5. Prizes


6. Previous Bans

Previous bans will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Players with previous bans will be put in "quarantine" and can not participate in Auzom events until their case is reviewed and a decision has been made. When players are allowed to play after review they will be asked to record their matches and keep the recordings. Recordings can be requested of them at all times. Not being able to deliver the recordings will result in penalties.

7. Bug Usage/Cheating

Cheating is unacceptable in all forms. Additionally, any use of glitches in the game is strictly prohibited. Players and teams caught cheating and/or glitching will face penalties on a case-by-case basis.

8. Rule Overrides

The Auzom Admin team reserves the right to override any rules stated above if a situation requires it. This rule will only be exercised in extreme situations where the standard ruling is not deemed either sufficient and/or fair. What is considered as "extreme situation" is at the sole discretion of the admin team.