Auzom Premier League Cancellation

October 27th, 2018

Hey everyone,

Today is a very disappointing day for everyone here at Auzom and for all of those close to the competitive PUBG scene as a whole, as regrettably we must announce the cancellation of Season 3 of the Auzom Premier League.

It was back in May 2017 that Auzom was approved to begin running competitive PUBG esports events and we soon became known for high quality tournaments and pushed hard to develop the competitive scene and the community surrounding it. As we look back we are all incredibly proud to have played a part in the establishment of PUBG in esports and are thankful for those who joined us along the way, whether that be current/former staff, talent, content creators, players, teams, viewers and even rival tournament organisers both new and old. There is a strong sense of togetherness in the PUBG esports community and that is something everyone should be proud of, and was always one of our aims when we moved to PUBG. While the landscape may be somewhat different now, the community soul remains.

As we head into the fading days of 2018, we are left with no option other than to cancel the upcoming APL season. It is absolutely a last resort and is a painful decision to make after a massive amount of effort and time sacrificed from everyone involved behind the scenes, however we do not feel in the circumstances that we can provide a tournament of the quality that we expect from ourselves and also that the players, teams and viewers alike deserve. We would like to extend a thank you to those who have patiently waited for information from us and stuck with us over the last few months.

We understand that this will raise a lot of questions and that there will be significant amounts of speculation. There are a large number of factors involved in the decision and a lot of time was spent evaluating our options. This is not a decision that has been taken lightly and whilst we cannot disclose much surrounding it, we are all very disappointed that we have had to make this announcement.

Looking forward, we are far from being finished and aim to continue operating within PUBG as much as possible. We still have plans for events and are always looking out for opportunities within PUBG and beyond, so we ask that you have patience and faith and we know that you will continue to watch and support our events as you have always done. It’s been a hell of a ride so far and we wouldn’t be here without the community. We look forward to bringing you the quality that you have come to expect from us as we move into the next chapter of Auzom’s story.

Have an Auzom day!

Auzom Premier League Qualifiers

September 19th, 2018


APL Season 3 is getting closer and closer, and there are a few competition slots that are currently open. Therefore we will be organising Qualifiers in the EU and NA regions; for EU there are 7 slots to be filled, for NA there are 10.

The Qualifiers will be held in 2 stages over 4 days:

29th of September 2018 - Open Qualifiers, Day 1 | EU: 18.00 CEST | NA: 6PM EDT | BO5
30th of September 2018 - Open Qualifiers, Day 2 | EU: 18.00 CEST | NA: 6PM EDT | BO5

6th of October 2018 - Closed Qualifiers, Day 1 | EU: 18.00 CEST | NA: 6PM EDT | BO5
7th of October 2018 - Closed Qualifiers, Day 2 | EU: 18.00 CEST | NA: 6PM EDT | BO5

The Open Qualifiers will have open signups on a first come first serve basis. All lobbies will contain 16 teams with a maximum of 6 lobbies running in EU and 3 lobbies in NA. Day 1 Lobbies will be seeded randomly, on day 2 lobbies will be seeded as shown on the image below. All round scores will be aggregated on a regional Overall Leaderboard, of which the top 24 teams will qualify to compete in the Closed Qualifiers.

Aside from the qualified teams, 8 teams from each region will be invited to the Closed Qualifiers. On day 1 lobbies will be seeded alternating based on the Closed Qualifiers Overall Leaderboard, with the invited teams seeded randomly. On day 2 the lobbies will be seeded in the same manner as the Open Qualifiers day 2. All rounds scores will once again be put on a regional Overall Leaderboard, of which the top 7 EU teams and the top 10 NA teams will qualify to play in the Auzom Premier League Season 3.

Sign-ups for the Open Qualifiers will open tomorrow the 20th of September at 20:00 CEST for EU and 8PM EDT for NA, and will close on the 23rd of September.

The sign-up form will be on the front page of our website and will be tweeted out, on the form we will ask for the following information:

  • Team name
  • Team logo (direct link to an image)
  • Team colour (in hex code)
  • Slot Owner
  • Team Twitter
  • Email of contact person
  • Discord ID of the team leader

and for each player:

  • In-game name
  • Steam64 ID
  • Discord ID
  • Place of residence (country)

Please make sure to read our rules (EU Qualifiers, NA Qualifiers) before you sign up, with extra attention to the slot ownership rule. Slot ownership is expected to be agreed upon internally with your team and/or organisation.

Keep an eye on our socials for the sign-ups and more information about Season 3.

Have an Auzom day!

OCE APL Season 3 Qualifiers

August 18th, 2018


We are happy to announce the Auzom Premier League (APL) Season 3 qualifying event for the Oceanic Region which will be running on Tuesdays and Sundays at 7pm AEST from the 26th of August to the 4th of September. 48 teams will have the opportunity to compete for one of the remaining slots in APL Season 3.

The OCE APL Season 3 Qualifiers will consist of two stages. Stage One will take place on the 26th and 28th of August and Stage Two will take place on the 2nd and 4th of September.

Stage One will have three lobbies. Each lobby will contain 16 teams. Before Match One lobbies will be roughly seeded by Auzom. After Match One lobbies will be adjusted pursuant to the format below.

Following Match Two the top 16 teams on the overall scoreboard will progress to Stage Two. Upon completion of Match Four the top five teams will progress to APL S3.

Sign-ups for the qualifier will open on the 19th of August at 12pm AEST and close on the 21st of August at 12pm AEST or once 48 eligible teams have signed up, whichever comes first. The lobbies will be announced on the 23rd of August at 12pm AEST.

The qualifier will use the Auzom round points system.

If you were hoping for further announcements regarding the details of the Auzom Premier League Season 3, unfortunately you will have to wait a little longer. Fear not, we promise it will be worth the wait!

If you have any questions about the qualifying event, head over to our Discord channel and ask one of our friendly admins!

Have an Auzom day!

APL Update: SEA Region

August 16th, 2018

Greetings and salutations,

Moving forward, players in the South-East Asian region will not be able to participate in the Auzom Premier League Season 3. This comes following discussions between us and the team at PUBG Corporation in regard to concerns with conflicts with other already scheduled SEA tournaments and the impact multiple events may have on players' experience due to regional infrastructure. We, along with PUBG Corporation, remain committed to finding ways to involve the SEA region in future Auzom events.

We want to thank all the teams that took part in the OCE-SEA Cup and want to express our sincerest apologies to everyone this decision impacts.

Season 3 of APL will go ahead as planned in the OCE region and we will return soon with further information over how we intend to replace the APL slots which have now opened up, but for now if you have any questions please get in touch with any of the dedicated OCE admins in the Auzom discord.


Auzom Staff

Nations Cup Format Update

July 8th, 2018


We had a very interesting set of matches yesterday so we wanted to look back on them and the format we're using.

First of all we'd like to thank you for allowing us to test this. We saw all the feedback surrounding the topic and we understand your standpoints, but we wanted to test what had been worked on because we do believe this format has potential. In any evolution and development things need to be tried, tested, and then they will succeed - or fail, be altered to succeed and tried again.

In our recent news post about the format we included some statistics, saying that there was a 0.05% chance a team would win the tournament in game 5. Finland's insane performance yesterday was quite the blessing as we can learn a lot from results that are far out of the expected.

What was extremely successful is making the game more exciting for the viewers, since that 5th game had everyone on the edge of their seat to see how Finland would do. The viewer experience is not our main focus however, as we organise these tournaments for the players.

As the Nations Cup is a favourite event of many, we want it to be enjoyed as long as possible. As such, we have decided to revert to the tried and tested format for the final day of the tournament as we believe this is the best move in order to allow full enjoyment of the Nations Cup. As the only team eligible to win, Finland were consulted in this decision and are happy to fight for the win in the traditional way. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and will be releasing a further statement after the tournament has finished.

Tune in at 13:00 CEST today over at !

Have an Auzom day!

New Auzom Standards and Introduction of a New Format

July 5th, 2018


In this post we will be updating you on the new Auzom standards for rounds and an addition to our scoring formats.

Auzom Standards

At the end of APL Season 2, we gathered feedback and have been analyzing the systems we use for points and circles. From this we have some updates to provide for improvements. We will be making a more detailed post about our analysis later on for the people interested but here are already some updates.

One of the points of received feedback about our squad round points with players asking for a simpler, rounded up points. We’ve renewed our existing squad round point system as shown below. The point distribution and curve is almost exactly the same as the last.

We are also introducing new circle settings. These settings have been put together by competitive players, tested by Auzom in all regions, and approved by the players. These squad round points and circle settings will be used in all future events hosted by Auzom, including the Nations Cup.

Auzom Winner Royale

We'd like to introduce an exciting new addition to our already proven scoring system, the Auzom Winner Royale format. This format gives teams a new way to declare tournament victory. Teams may win either through the traditional points system when the tournament has reached its set max number of rounds or through a "royale win" some time before that. This format is intended to be used only on matches with large number of rounds like standalone events or finals.

Teams will play to accumulate points in each round as always, through placement and kills. In addition to having a maximum number of rounds like usual, there will also be a “point threshold” set. Players may win the tournament either by having the highest point total after the maximum number of rounds has been played, or by winning a round while being above the tournament’s point threshold. For the Nations Cup finals, the maximum round total will be 10 and point threshold will be set to (950). This means that if a team enters a round with at least (950) points, they have the opportunity to take the whole tournament by scoring a chicken dinner! If this happens, second place and below will be determined right then and there by the current point totals while that winning team takes first.

Mathematical chance that a royale win could occur in certain rounds displayed below:

Round % Chance Of Win % Cumulative Chance Average Teams Eligible
1 0 0 0
2 0 0 0
3 0 0 0
4 0 0 0
5 0.05 0.05 0.01
6 0.9 0.95 0.1
7 3.7 4.65 0.6
8 10 14.65 1.7
9 18.8 33.45 3.5
10 24.8 58.25 5.9

To clarify this mechanic further we will use the latest PGI qualifiers results with our point system and threshold intended for max 10 rounds as examples of when teams will be eligible for the royale win option.

PGI EU quals
  • 950 threshold was first reached by (1) teams after 6 rounds
  • by the end of round 7, 1 team had reached the 950 threshold
  • by the end of round 8, 4 teams had reached the 950 threshold
  • by the end of round 9, 5 teams had reached the 950 threshold
Earliest possible finish: Round 7 | Actual finish: Round 10

PGI NA quals
  • 950 threshold was first reached by (1) teams after 7 rounds
  • by the end of round 8, 1 team had reached the 950 threshold
  • by the end of round 9, 4 teams had reached the 950 threshold
Earliest possible finish: Round 8 | Actual finish: Round 10

PGI CIS quals
  • 950 threshold was first reached by (2) teams after 5 rounds
  • by the end of round 6, 2 teams had reached the 950 threshold
  • by the end of round 7, 2 teams had reached the 950 threshold
  • by the end of round 8, 3 teams had reached the 950 threshold
  • by the end of round 9, 4 teams had reached the 950 threshold
Earliest possible finish: Round 6 | Actual finish: Round 9

Being the best at PUBG is all about consistency. Doing well in a single game is one thing, but coming out in a top leaderboard spot time and time again is what proves that a team is truly great. For this reason, it’s important for tournaments to be played over several rounds. In doing so, however, we sometime lose out on one of the things that makes PUBG what it is: the chicken dinner. Being the last one standing. When simply taking the average of many games, the acute sense of victory when a team lands that final bullet to end the round is lost. Sometimes the #1 team is far enough ahead of the pack that the last round doesn’t even technically matter to them, as even if they finish last they would still have enough points to win the tournament. With the Auzom Winner Royale format, we intend to bring this element back into PUBG tournament play.

In the Auzom Winner Royale format, teams would still need to play consistently well over many rounds to even earn the right to claim a royale victory. In this way, there is no change from our normal competitive standards. In later rounds, however, top teams will be encouraged to go for those big wins instead of playing safe to guard their lead. We believe that the later rounds of a tournament should be the most exciting, not the least! The purpose of the Royale format is to make this happen while retaining all of the competitive fairness of Auzom’s traditional scoring system.

This format type was suggested by Skyline and has resulted in a lengthy analysis period with the help of Lunting and discussions with people within the community, we believe this will add more depth to larger final matches.

And that's it!

Have an Auzom day!

Announcing Auzom's Expansion Into the OCE-SEA Region

June 22nd, 2018

Oceania and South-East Asia, we're coming for you!

We here at Auzom are excited to announce that we are expanding into the Oceania and South-East Asia region!

The next few months will see a number of events come to the region, starting with the OCE-SEA Cup and the Auzom Premier League Season 3 Qualifiers. Details about these events are outlined below and as a bonus, eagle-eyed readers may also pick up a few hints about the upcoming Auzom Premier League Season 3 itself.


The OCE-SEA Cup is an FPP Squad event played on Erangel, and will have four match days over two weeks, with four rounds being played each day. 32 teams will be vying for the title of OCE-SEA Cup Champion, and also a chance to compete in APL Season 3.

The OCE-SEA Cup will take place on the 3rd, 8th, 10th, and 15th of July 2018. The OCE-SEA Cup will consist of two lobbies, each containing 16 teams randomly seeded before the start of the first match. From match two onwards the Auzom Global Points system will be relied on to seed and manage movement between lobbies.

The title of OCE-SEA Cup Champion will be determined by the team with the highest total accumulated Global Points after Match 4, with the top 16 placed teams advancing to APL Season 3.

There are two ways you can be part of this competition, through direct invite or through an application. Select teams will receive a direct invite, and will be contacted within the next 24 hours. For everyone else, sign-ups open at 7pm AEST on June 23 and close on June 27, with the announcement of successful applicants taking place on June 30.

More information and the governing rules can be found here: OCE-SEA Cup rules.

Auzom Premier League Season 3 Qualifiers

Did you miss out on a spot in APL Season 3 in the OCE-SEA Cup? Don’t worry, we have you covered! The Season 3 Qualifier will be open to all teams looking for their chance to snag a spot in the APL.

Over the weekend of 21-22 July, 48 teams will compete for the remaining 16 slots in APL Season 3.

More information and ruleset will be advised at a later date.

Auzom Premier League Season 3

Over the past two seasons we’ve seen some of the best European and North American PUBG teams fight it out in the Auzom Premier League. We are now pleased to confirm that starting from Season 3, OCE-SEA will be added as the third region competing head-to-head-to-head for the title of Auzom Premier League Champion.

Further announcements regarding the details of the Auzom Premier League Season 3 will be made in the coming weeks.

Any questions? Head over to our Discord.

Have an Auzom day!

North America Cup

June 22nd, 2018


Today we're giving you all the details in regards to our first North American Cup. As the name suggests, this will be limited to the North American region only.

Thursday the 19th and Friday the 20th of July, 32 North American teams will play in the qualifiers which is a best of 8 over two days. The top 16 teams will go through to the Finals on the 21st and 22nd of July, the format of which will be explained soon.

For the qualifiers, all competing states, countries and provinces will be divided into 4 groups; A, B, C, and D. On the first day of qualifiers, group A will play in a lobby with group C, group B and D will form the second lobby. On the second day of qualifier group A and B form one lobby, group C and D will form the second.

To form the four groups, areas will be equally divided among the four regions; West, Central, East and International. From each region, 2 areas will be drawn randomly to form a group. The groups will be announced on the 17th of July.

There are two ways in which you can try and represent your area during this event. If you would like to be team leader for your area, you can send in an application with your achievements and motivation. Sign ups will be available on the 23rd of June, and will be open for everyone within North America.

As there are more states, countries and provinces in North America than we have slots in the North American Cup, we will pick the 32 competing teams, which can either be a sole state, country or a combination of multiple regions based on the amount of applications and the enthusiasm within them. You can apply to lead your North American team until the 1st of July. Leaders will be chosen by Auzom based on their motivation and past achievements.

All leaders will be sent a list of players that applied to play for their region. We will be announcing the competing teams and their leaders on the 9th of July, your leader can then freely pick his team from within the state, country or province, with a restriction of maximum 2 players from the same professional/amateur team.

Have an Auzom day!

Nations Cup

June 15th, 2018



Today we’re giving you all the details in regards to the second edition of the Nations Cup. This edition will be limited to the European region, but will see more nations compete than last time.

Thursday the 5th and Friday the 6th of July, 32 national teams will play in the qualifiers which is a best of 8 over two days. The top 16 teams will go through to the Finals on the 7th and 8th of July, the format of those Finals will be explained soon.

For the qualifiers, all competing nations will be divided into 4 groups; A B C and D. On the first day of qualifiers, group A will play in a lobby with group B, group C and D will form the second lobby. On the second day of qualifier group A and D form one lobby, group B and C will form the second.

To form the four groups, all competing nations will be equally divided among the four regions; North, East, South and West. From each region, 2 countries will be drawn randomly to form a group. The groups will be announced on the 3rd of July.

There are two ways in which you can try and represent your country during this event. If you would like to be team leader for your nation, you can send in an application with your achievements and motivation. Sign ups will open tomorrow, on the 16th of June, and will be open for everyone within Europe; see our Region Definition.

As there are more countries in Europe than we have slots in the Nations Cup, we will pick the 32 competing nations based on the amount of applications and the enthusiasm within them. You can apply to lead your national team until the 22nd of June. Leaders will be chosen by Auzom based on their motivation and past achievements.

The second way to get into this event is find your leader and convince him you’re a perfect fit for the national team. We will be announcing the competing nations and their leaders at the 25th of June, your leader can then freely pick his team from within the country, with a restriction of maximum 2 players from the same team.

We hope you are just as excited as we are, have an Auzom day!

Nations Cup (Кубок Наций)

June 15th, 2018


Всем привет!

Сегодня мы подробно расскажем о втором выпуске Кубка Наций. Он будет предназначен только для европейского региона, но в нем будет представлено больше наций, чем в прошлый раз.

В четверг 5-го и в пятницу 6-го июля 32 команды будут играть квалификационные матчи для выбора лучших команд из 8 раундов за 2 дня (4 в первом, и 4 во втором). Лучшие 16 команд пройдут в финал 7-го и 8-го июля, детали по формату будут скоро детально описаны.

Во время квалификаций все конкурирующие страны будут разделены на 4 группы: A, B, C, D. В первый день квалификаций: группа A будет выступать в лобби с группой B, группа C и D образуют второе лобби. Во второй день квалификаций группы A и D будут выступать в одном лобби, соответственно B и C во втором лобби.

Чтобы сформировать четыре группы, все конкурирующие страны будут поровну разделены между четырьмя регионами — Север, Восток, Юг и Запад. Из каждого региона, будет выбрано случайным образом по 2 команды, чтобы сформировать группу. Группы будут объявлены 3 июля.

Есть два способа, которыми вы можете попытаться представить свою страну во время этого события. Если вы хотите быть лидером команды для своей нации, вы можете отправить заявку с описанием ваших достижений и что вас мотивирует стать лидером. Регистрация будет открыта завтра, 16 июня, и будет открыта для всех в Европе; смотрите ваш регион здесь определение региона.

Так как в Европе больше стран, чем у нас слотов, мы выберем 32 конкурирующие страны на основе количества заявок и энтузиазма в них. Вы можете подать заявку на участие в вашей "национальной команде" до 22 июня. Лидеры будут выбраны администрацией Auzom, основываясь на их мотивации и достижениях.

Второй способ попасть в это событие — найти своего лидера и убедить его, что вы идеально вписываетесь в команду. Мы дополнительно объявим о конкурирующих нациях и их лидерах 25-го июня, после этого ваш лидер сможет свободно собирать свою команду внутри страны, с ограничением максимум 2 игрока из одной и той же команды.

Мы надеемся, что вы так же в восторге от этого, как и мы, насладитесь днем с Auzom!

Auzom Acquired by ESP Gaming

April 26th, 2018

Dear community,

As Season 2 of the Auzom Premier League draws to a close, we are incredibly excited to reveal something that we have been working on behind the scenes for quite some time. But first, we want to take a moment to reflect on our journey and how we got here.

Auzom has existed in one form or another for a number of years now and has always strived to provide the best experience possible for the community. What started as a small group a number of years ago in other games has grown into a large team of admins, media creators and tech staff pouring their efforts into PUBG. It’s been around a year since we made the decision to enter into competitive PUBG and it has been quite the ride since then. The support we’ve received in that time is absolutely incredible and we are very thankful to the community for the feedback, praise and even criticism. We, like everyone else, don’t always get it spot on first time - but with the help of your thoughts and feedback we always try our best to improve and get to the next level. We will continue to work with you all to further the flourishing PUBG esports scene, and consider ourselves very fortunate to have the opportunity to help shape its future.

Without further ado, we are very proud to announce that Auzom has been acquired by ESP Gaming. With ESP’s backing Auzom will be elevated to new heights and will finally be able to realise its true potential. ESP Gaming is made up of some of the greatest minds in the industry and has built up years of experience in both esports and live sports, including NFL, the X-Games and the Olympics. Having worked with a number of high profile clients in the tech sector and beyond, ESP is ready to take Auzom under its wing and create something truly special.

So what does this all mean for Auzom?

Well we hate to be those guys but we can’t share too much just yet! Rest assured, there are great things on the horizon. Be sure to keep an eye out for more announcements as we’ve got a lot more to come and would love you all to join us in the next chapter of Auzom’s history.

For more information about ESP Gaming, you can check out their website at

Have an Auzom day!

Relegation Invite Committee

April 13th, 2018


Once again we will be calling upon our committee to vote on the strongest teams in the scene that aren't already playing in our leagues.

Unlike the previous committee vote prior to APL Season 2 successful teams are not invited to the Auzom Premier League directly, but to the Relegations where they will compete against the bottom teams in APL and the top teams in AOS to fight for a Season 3 slot.

For each team in the APL that disbanded, or was disqualified, a committee invited team will take their place in Relegations. The Relegations will be played on the 5th and 6th of May at 8 PM CEST / 8 PM EDT with 4 games being played each day.

The top 16 teams from the Relegations will be invited to play in the Auzom Premier League Season 3. Our committee has seen a few member changes, but is just as impressive as last time around. Check out all members on the committee page.

Applications for committee invites will open on the 16th of April at 8PM CEST / 2 PM EDT and will close on the 20th of April at the same time. The chosen teams will be announced on the 30th and will be contacted via Discord with further information.

Have an Auzom day!

Finals and Relegations

March 20th, 2018


With the end of the Season in sight we’re sharing the details as to how our relegation matches will be structured and how Season 2 will be wrapped up.

Firstly, the Open Series will be extended by two weeks. These last two match days will only be accessible for teams that have already played at least once in the Open Series.

After all matches are played, the top 16 teams of the Open Series will be playing relegation matches. Relegation teams will be playing 8 rounds over 2 days on the 28th and 29th of April, and will be competing against the bottom 16 teams of the Premier League.

To account for the teams that dropped from the Premier League we will have committee slots. These slots will be filled by suggestions from our committee. Details about how the committee slots will work will be shared later.

The lobbies will be seeded in an alternating method, to create equally skilled lobbies. After 4 games the lobbies will be reseeded in a way that all AOS teams will have played against all APL teams and the other way around.

Make sure you keep an eye out for further details about the APL Grand Finals!

Have an Auzom day!

Further changes to the APL Season 2 Schedule

February 17th, 2018


Whilst we know that it’s not long since we last announced scheduling changes, today we are announcing further alterations to the Season 2 schedule.

As many of you will know, IEM Katowice is taking place shortly and many of the teams within the APL are competing. This means that the travel day, 22nd February, clashes with the next week of the APL. On top of that, the following week the StarLadder PUBG tournament is taking place.

As every single NA and EU competitor for IEM is playing in our Auzom Premier League and StarLadder will without doubt have APL teams compete as well, the APL will be taking a 2 week break.

This means that Week 5 of the APL will be played on March 8th, you can find the updated schedule for the rest of the Season below.

Additionally, as announced towards the start of the season, we will be conducting a poll with APL team leaders in relation to whether Miramar should be introduced to the map pool. We will announce the results once this has concluded.

Have an Auzom day!

Schedule Updates for APL and AOS

January 31st, 2018


Today's announcement is once again in relation to the APL schedule. Following a recent announcement to APL team leaders about the APL moving to a Tuesday, it came to our attention that this scheduling change would not be viable in the long term.

Because of this, we are announcing that APL matches will take place on Thursday for the foreseeable future - meaning that the Open Series matches will take place on Sunday. The match times will still be 20 CET for EU and 8PM EST for NA. This decision was not one taken lightly by our staff and it will place a lot of added pressure on us to deliver the quality we are known for, but it is a sacrifice we are willing to make in order to allow our players to compete in as many events as possible.

The updated schedule for the APL is as follows:

This week's AOS games will remain on Thursday, and the changes will be put into place starting from next week.

  • Signups for AOS will open on Mondays at 20 CET for EU and 8PM EST for NA.
  • Lobbies will be announced on Fridays at 20 CET for EU and 8PM EST for NA.

As a final note, we'd like to thank you for your patience over the last week or so as we are aware that we have made a lot of different changes. We want you to understand that we are making these decisions in order to benefit the pro scene and help it grow unhindered. We're only here because of your continued support and we don't want anyone to think that we've forgotten that. We're not here for a quick buck or for our own gain, we're here because we're passionate about PUBG and esports and we know that you all think the same way - even if you don't always see eye to eye with us!

Have an Auzom day!

Changes to the APL Structure

January 27th, 2018


We hope you enjoyed the return of the Auzom Premier League! As always the support has been great and we are truly appreciative of it. Today we have some further announcements to make in relation to a structure change for the APL.

After the first week’s matches, many teams came to us to provide feedback about the lobby size. Up until now we have had 20 teams per lobby and 2 lobbies within the APL to give a total of 40 teams per region. Today, we are announcing that we are reducing the lobby size in the APL to 16 teams and adding a 3rd lobby to accommodate for it. This means that we will now have 48 teams per region in the APL.

So how are we implementing this? The obvious solution would be to add a Lobby 3 that would act as a third tier within the league, however we feel that we have a more appropriate solution. We will continue to have Lobby 1 which will be the Premier Lobby, however the remaining 2 lobbies will be Challenger Lobbies. The Premier Lobby will be made up of the Top 16 teams and will maintain its current Global Points distribution. The two Challenger Lobbies will use the existing Lobby 2 Global Points structure and will be seeded in a staggered fashion, based on overall Global Points, to leave them as equal as possible in terms of skill level.

The additional 8 teams per region will be made up of teams that just missed out on a committee invite and teams that performed well during the qualifiers.

In the EU region we are welcoming Loot Goblins, Gentside, Millenium, Hfrag, myTeq, Riddle Esports and House of Nobles. On top of this we will have Ronin competing in EU, as their latest roster change makes it so that the majority of their players are from the EU region.

In the NA region the following teams will be added: Quad Pen, Murderous Plushtoys, Proxy, Sweaty Nerds, Void, Slime Squad, Elus1ve Gaming, Core Four and Aftermath.

These changes are coming into effect for Week 2 on Monday 29th January.

We will continue to be receptive of any feedback we receive in relation to our events and will take onboard as much as we can. We feel that these changes are appropriate given the current environment and hope that you understand why the decision has been taken. We always have the scene’s best interests at heart here at Auzom and hope that you will continue to give us the support that we all know and love!

Be sure to tune in to Week 2 of the APL on Monday 29th of January at 8 PM CET for EU, 8 PM EST for NA. The games will be streamed on our Twitch channel,

Have an Auzom day!

Map Pool: Revisited and Season Delay

January 11th, 2018

So we meet again!

On Tuesday we announced that Season 2 of the Auzom Premier League was not going to include Miramar. We had made this decision based on the feedback we had received. However after that announcement, the conversation about which maps to play in competitive games reopened and the matter was discussed more extensively among players.

Because of the renewed discussion surrounding Miramar and the new feedback we were receiving, we decided to reassess our decision. To get an accurate representation of the opinions of our competing teams, we conducted a poll for all team leaders that will be competing in the APL. Today we bring you the results of the poll and how Auzom will move forward with that feedback.

We asked the question "Should we include Miramar in Season 2?" and here are the results:

YES 9 28 37
NO 29 11 40
38 39 77

Due to the lack of an overwhelming majority, we have decided to uphold the status quo and launch Season 2 with Erangel only. This, however, does not mean that we will be completely discounting Miramar. We are aware that many teams are keen to play the map competitively, and that many teams’ reservations stem from the lack of competitive play time on it. Because of this we will revisit this decision at the halfway point of the Season.

In the meantime we will continue to gather feedback from the community on the maps viability and possible changes needed in order to get the map played. After the 4th week of the Season has been played, we will once again ask teams for their thoughts on Miramar. If we see a shift towards accepting Miramar in competitive play, the map will be selected to play for the second half of our Season.

Season Delay

On top of map news we also wanted to let you know that we are delaying Season 2 of the APL by one week, to assess the current state of servers. As a result, it will also provide more overall time for gathering feedback on Miramar for the midseason review. We have received multiple reports of bad server performance in scrims, with a lot of players telling us custom games are unplayable. Because of this, Season 2 will be pushed back one week. We hope you’ll all be ready for the first round on January, 21st!

Have an Auzom day!

Settings for the Premier League and Open Series

January 9th, 2018

Hello everyone!

As we are getting closer to the start of the Auzom Premier League (APL) and our newly announced Auzom Open Series (AOS), we’d like to take the time to inform you of the settings we'll be using for these two events.

During the off-season we gathered a lot of feedback from teams in the APL and from various playtests, allowing us to make an informed decision on any potential changes. What we have decided is as follows:


Based on suggestions and feedback on circle settings from the existing pro PUBG scene, we decided to give the following circle settings a try.

After the playtest we saw a huge amount of positive feedback for the modified circle settings. We created a survey for both the playtest participants and also APL team leaders in relation to circle settings, and the results were as follows:

Playtest Survey APL Survey
Modified Circles 76% 94%
Default Circles 24% 6%

Since 94% of the teams from the APL and 76% of the teams that played in the playtest preferred the modified circle settings, we have decided to use these settings for both the Auzom Premier League and the Auzom Open Series.

Map Pool

The 1.0 update introduced us to a new map, Miramar, which led to us asking APL teams which map(s) they would prefer to have in the map pool for Season 2. The majority of APL teams expressed concern that Miramar was not yet ready for the competitive environment, and because of this the map will not be used in APL Season 2. However, we are hopeful that we will be able to bring the map into play for Season 3. We highly encourage teams to continue practicing and get comfortable with the new map before the start of Season 3 and we hope to see further improvements and fixes for the map allowing it to seamlessly transition into a suitable competitive map.

Feedback gathered from our playtests showed us that there was a greater interest in Miramar outside of our closed tier APL, so for that reason we have decided to include Miramar in the Auzom Open Series. Because the AOS has 3 rounds per week, we will be alternating maps each week to allow teams to focus on that map. The first week of the AOS will be played on Erangel.

As a quick recap, here are the revised settings:

Team Size: 4 (Squad)
Circle Settings: Modified Circles
Red Zone: Off
Perspective: First-Person Perspective (FPP)
Map: Erangel (APL), Erangel & Miramar (AOS)
Assault Rifle Multiplier: 1.5x
Cosmetics Multiplier: 0x

Have an Auzom day!

Auzom Open Series

January 8th, 2018

Exciting news everyone!

We are happy to announce our Auzom Open Series which will be running on Thursdays at 8PM CET/EST from the 18th of January to the 8th of March.

Sign-ups for the Open Series will be open every Friday from 8 PM CET/EST to Sunday 8 PM CET/EST. The lobbies will be announced on Mondays 8 PM CET/EST.

Teams will be accepted to play using a priority system that takes into account past performance and sign-up time. After sign-ups open there will be several time windows of 8 hours. Highest priority will go to teams that signed up in the first window. Within the 8 hour window teams will be allocated an invite with the following priority:

1. Teams that are ranked top 12 on Open Series leaderboard
2. Teams that have competed in the previous week
3. Teams that signed up within the timeframe

For the first sign-up we will give additional priority to the top 10 scoring teams from the Committee Invite votes, who missed out on an invite in Stage 2 of the APL seeding. There will be a global leaderboard for all teams across all lobbies where points will be accumulated throughout the season.

The Open Series will use our updated scoring system where both Lobby A and B will receive the same amount of Global Points, contrary to the Auzom Premier League. The lobbies are seeded by alternating teams based of global scoreboard points, with “fresh” teams being seeded randomly.

Good performance in our Open Series can be your ticket to Season 3 of the Auzom Premier League, as the highest performing Open Series teams will get the chance to compete against the lowest performing APL teams after the end of Season 2. The top teams at the end of those matches will be getting an invite to compete in APL Season 3.

Sign-ups for Week 1 will open on Friday the 12th of January at 8 PM CET/EST.

This week we’ll be announcing more news about the map pool and other game settings that will be implemented in both the Premier League and the Open Series.

Have an Auzom day!

Season 2 Qualifier Details

January 1st, 2018

Hey everyone!

First of all, we hope that all of you had a great time over the holiday period! Now that it's over, that means we're back in business and will be bringing you all the information you need about our upcoming APL Season 2 qualifiers. But first, here's a quick recap of the teams already invited to Season 2 that you could be competing against if you make it through the qualifiers!

As we previously announced, the qualifiers will be taking place on the 7th of January. We are now able to confirm the schedule and bring you more details about the format! There will be 6 rounds played across a maximum of 4 different lobbies per region, with the top 3 per lobby qualifying into the APL! In the event of there not being 4 lobbies, the number of teams qualifying per lobby will be adjusted so that a total of 12 teams per region qualify. All of the lobbies will be randomly seeded. You can see the full details of the schedule for each region in the image below.

Additionally, the qualifiers will use our default APL settings. This means that we will be using a 1.5x AR multiplier, 0x for cosmetics, the red zone will be disabled, the circles will be default, and we will be using our updated scoring system. The qualifiers will only be played using the Erangel map.

So, how do the sign-ups work? They will be opening on January 2nd at 20 CET for EU and 20 EST for NA and will be accessible through our frontpage. We will accept a maximum of 80 teams per region on a first come, first served basis. The sign-ups will close on January 4th at 20 CET/20 EST for EU & NA respectively, with the lobbies being announced on January 5th.

Finally, we’ve had a number of questions in relation to regional locks and who is eligible to compete. The full list of our definition of NA & EU is as follows:

Teams may not have more than 2 players out of region at any one time.

We hope this answers all your questions about the qualifiers, and keep an eye out for the sign-ups opening!

Have an Auzom day!

Updates on the APL Point System

December 16th, 2017

Hello there!

Today we are announcing a number of changes to the Auzom Premier League scoring system for Season 2. It incorporates a number of changes based on what we learnt from Season 1, numerous play tests and most importantly player and viewer feedback. These changes have been made to help us continue identifying and showcasing the best teams in PUBG.

Key changes from Season 1:

  • A two stage point system to provide more stable and accurate representation of performance;
  • A refined Round points system aimed at appropriately recognising teams for their performance, no matter where they finish;
  • A rebalancing of the points awarded per kill, designed to offer teams a wider variety of available strategies to choose from;
  • A dedicated Global points system that contributes towards the overall Auzom Premier League Leaderboard, reflecting each team’s weekly performance, while also allowing performance-based movement of teams between the lobbies.
  • 4 Rounds will be played each week.
  • A closed tier in both EU & NA with two lobbies per region.

So why are we changing things?

We encountered a few issues with our Season 1 scoring system, most notably that teams who dropped down to lower lobbies were able to make too great of a jump in the overall leaderboard by performing well in the lower lobby. These performance/score jumps were possible because there was not enough weighting for the skill difference between lobbies and the points translated directly to the overall scoreboard. From the feedback gathered and our own research we came to conclusion that we had to seperate the scoreboard into a global scoreboard and a round scoreboard in order to improve the stability of the overall scoreboard and the measurement of teams’ performance.

In addition to this, it was noted in some analysis of our existing round scoring system that our point distribution was somewhat regressive for the teams that finished in the middle of the pack and also did very little to distinguish between the latter placements. After analysing several possible improvements we have adjusted the scoring system to address these issues.

To make understanding these changes easier, we have created definitions for the following:

Round points: The point system for a round.
Round score: The points earned by a team based on their performance.
Match: A match consists of several rounds.
Match score: The total points earned for all the rounds played.
Global points: The points awarded to a team for their final placement in a match.

Round system

Previous Round Point System:

+ 1 point/kill

1st place: 32 points

2nd place: 25 points

3rd place: 20 points

4th place: 15 points

5th place: 13 points

6th place: 11 points

7th place: 9 points

8th place: 7 points

9th place: 5 points

10th place: 3 points

11th place: 1 points

12th place: 1 points

13th place: 1 points

14th place: 1 points

15th place: 1 points

16th place: 0 points

17th place: 0 points

18th place: 0 points

19th place: 0 points

20th place: 0 points

New Round Point System:

+ 7 point/kill

1st place: 190 points

2nd place: 158 points

3rd place: 132 points

4th place: 111 points

5th place: 94 points

6th place: 80 points

7th place: 68 points

8th place: 57 points

9th place: 47 points

10th place: 38 points

11th place: 30 points

12th place: 23 points

13th place: 17 points

14th place: 12 points

15th place: 8 points

16th place: 5 points

17th place: 3 points

18th place: 2 points

19th place: 1 points

20th place: 0 points

Each round, teams are awarded points based on their finishing placement and number of kills.

Placement points continue to be heavily weighted towards the top finishing positions, suitably rewarding teams with the necessary skills to place deeply in each round. However, based on player feedback, in APL Season 2 the scoring profile between #10 and #20 has been refined to align to the current PUBG game mechanics, and most importantly, better reward consistent performance.

This season kill points have been rebalanced in order to provide teams the maximum number of options for how they wish to strategically approach each Round. As such, teams will now receive 7 points per kill.

Global points system

Lobby 1 Global Points:

1st place: 32 points

2nd place: 25 points

3rd place: 20 points

4th place: 15 points

5th place: 13 points

6th place: 11 points

7th place: 9 points

8th place: 8 points

9th place: 7 points

10th place: 6 points

11th place: 5 points

12th place: 4 points

13th place: 3 points

14th place: 2 points

15th-last place: 1 point

Lobby 2 Global Points:

1st place: 16 points

2nd place: 12 points

3rd place: 10 points

4th place: 7 points

5th place: 6 points

6th place: 5 points

7th place: 4 points

8th place: 4 points

9th place: 3 points

10th place: 3 points

11th place: 2 points

12th place: 2 points

13th place: 1 points

14th place: 1 points

15th-last place: 0 point

At the conclusion of each match teams will earn a match placement based of their match score, this placement will earn them global points. These Global points contribute to their position on the overall APL Leaderboard.

This season we sought to create an improved system that ensures the best teams rise to the top of the league. To do so, the point system carefully takes into account the relative skill difference between the two lobbies, while still ensuring the most successful teams of Lobby 2 have the opportunity to be promoted to Lobby 1.

You can see an example of the Global points system in action based on a simulation that we have run here:

The formation of the lobbies for the following week will be based on each team’s position on the overall APL Leaderboard.

The first week of the APL season both lobbies will use the Lobby 1 point system.

Auzom Premier League Finals & Declaring the Winner

The 10 teams on top of both the NA & EU APL Leaderboard at the end of the regular season will be invited to participate in the APL Grand Finals.

The finals match will be a two day event with a total of 8 rounds to be played. As in Season 1, one round worth of bonus points will be awarded to teams based on their APL Leaderboard position in recognition of their overall performance during the season.

We appreciate that there’s a lot to take in with this, but hopefully you will be able to understand the changes we’re making and that they are being done to create a much more fair scoring system. Additionally, we’d like to extend our thanks to Luntingsir for assisting us in creating this system!

Have an Auzom day!

APL Season 2 Schedule and Committee Sign-Ups

December 13th, 2017

Hey everyone!

In our 2nd in the series of blog posts providing information about Season 2, we're bringing you the tournament schedule! We're keeping this post short and sweet, so the information is as follows:

Open Qualifiers: 7th January
Round 1: 14th January
Round 2: 21st January
Round 3: 28th January
Round 4: 4th February
Round 5: 11th February
Round 6: 18th February
Round 7: 25th February
Round 8: 4th March
Grand Finals: 10-11th March

That means that we've got just over a month until Round 1! But don't worry, we've got some Playtests planned over the next few weeks!

Additionally, we are happy to announce that the sign ups for our committee phase of invitations for APL Season 2's closed tier will be opening on the 18th of December - so keep an eye out!

Have an Auzom day!

Season 2 Seeding Stages: Part I

December 8th, 2017

Season's greetings!

With the official release of PUBG fast approaching, it's about time for us to inform you about Season 2 of the Auzom Premier League!

There will be a slight difference in structure compared to Season 1.

  • Closed top tier
  • Separate lobbies per region
  • 40 EU teams + 40 NA teams
  • An open tier system

There are 3 ways to get in the closed tier:

  • Stage 1: Invitation to top 12 teams per region from APL Season one
  • Stage 2: Invitation to top 16 teams per region selected by a committee
  • Stage 3: Qualifiers for the remaining 12 slots

Any team can apply to be reviewed by the committee which is made up of people with a good understanding of the competitive PUBG scene, they are all independent of the Auzom administration. The committee will have casters, journalists, analysts and staff from other PUBG leagues to ensure that we have a range of people with widespread knowledge of areas of the scene which we ourselves may not be aware of. For the sake of transparency, we will be announcing the full list of committee members and their backgrounds in the near future!

The final phase is the open qualifiers. These will be held shortly after the launch of the full game. Half of the qualifier slots will be populated by taking MMR into account, and the remaining half will be done on a first come, first served basis. If after all three stages a team does not make it into the closed tier, they still have a chance to compete in Auzom events by signing up to play the open tier matches.

Teams that do not make it into the closed tier will still have the chance to sign up and play for an additional open tier.

We're aiming to bring you all the information you need for Season 2 in a series of blog posts, so keep an eye out for further information!

Have an Auzom day!

Details on the Nations Cup

November 19th, 2017

Hello beloved community!

IMPORTANT: Previously we had announced that the Nations Cup would start on December 3rd, but after some deliberation we have decided to extend the cup to a two day event which will commence on December 2nd and end on December 3rd. The Nations Cup will be played over 8 rounds, with 4 rounds being played each match day. Full details regarding the Nations cup can be found below.

A Brief Overview

Event structure: Invitational
Event duration: 2 days (December 2nd - December 3rd)
Check-in time: 18:30 CET / 12:30PM EST
Game time: 19:00 CET / 1:00PM EST
Number of divisions: 1 lobby
Division size: 20 teams
Team size: 4 + max 4 substitutes
Game settings: Red Zone: Disabled, AR Spawns: 1.5x, Cosmetics multiplier: 0x
Game mode: Squad, First-Person Perspective
Number of rounds: 8 rounds
Prizes: TBA

Important Dates

November 25th: Roster Deadline

Auzom staff have selected team captains who have until November 25th to submit their full roster.

November 26th: Scrims

To allow the nation teams to practice versus other nation teams, a scrim night will be hosted on November 26th. This will not be casted.

December 2nd to December 3rd: Nations Cup

The Nations Cup event will commence on Saturday, December 2nd at 19:00 CET / 1PM EST. Same times will apply for Sunday, December 3rd. (Check-ins will start at 18:30 CET / 12:30PM EST)

Nations Cup Rules

Player Restrictions and Instructions

  • A national team is defined when all players are actually born or living in the nation they're playing for and the nationality is defined by the citizenship (passport) of a player.
  • A team may sign up with 4 players and 4 reserves.
  • A team must consist of at least 4 rostered players to be eligible to compete.
  • Deadline for the roster is the 25th of November.
  • Teams must not have more than 2 players from the same pro roster. An exception may be made where there is a lack of pro or high tier teams in a country. If you think this may apply to your team, please contact the admin crew as soon as possible.
  • Rosters may not publicly be announced until they have been officially released by Auzom.

Server Settings

  • First-Person Perspective
  • Squad
  • EU Servers
  • Redzone disabled
  • AR multiplier: 1.5x
  • Cosmetics multiplier: 0x


  • 1 point will be awarded per kill
  • 1st place: 32 points
  • 2nd place: 25 points
  • 3rd place: 20 points
  • 4th place: 15 points
  • 5th place: 13 points
  • 6th place: 11 points
  • 7th place: 9 points
  • 8th place: 7 points
  • 9th place: 5 points
  • 10th place: 3 points
  • 11th-15th place: 1 point
  • 16th-last place: 0 points


Average placement > Kills


Details regarding prizes are still being finalized. To Be Announced.

A few concluding words...

We have seen a great response on Twitter, and we are very excited to host this event for our community and thankful for your support. If your nation is not represented in this iteration of the Nations Cup, fear not because there will be more cups in the future which will accomodate more nations.

Have an Auzom day!

Auzom Developer Update #4

November 1st, 2017

Hello community!

It's been a long time since the last developer update - almost 4 months to be more specific - and a lot of features have been added since then. Some may be obvious while some may have gone unnoticed, so let's go through them, shall we?

Scoreboard page

  • Team highlighting: When hovering over a team name in the "Spotlight Statistics" section on the right side of the scoreboard, the team is simultaneously highlighted in the scoreboard on the left side.
  • Refresh indicator: We've implemented a few things to more clearly show that the scoreboard has actually been refreshed after clicking on the reload-button, namely the "Scoreboard has been refreshed!" message and a point counter animation that we hope is not too obnoxious.
  • [Seasonal scoreboard-specific] Inactive members: If a team has any "inactive" members, they can be found by clicking on a team name to show the team info and then clicking [Inactive members].
  • [Seasonal scoreboard-specific] Consistent top placements: While we have a spotlight statistics section dedicated to kills we also want to showcase teams with a track record of good placements during the APL season and so we have added a section titled "Consistent Top Placements" to the spotlight statistics.
  • Scoreboard search: In case you are having a hard time finding a specific team on the scoreboard, you can click on the left-most button with the magnifying glass icon at the top-right of the scoreboard to bring up an input box. This feature currently only searches through team name and team tag, but the ability to search for specific players (a feature that we know would be very useful to many users) will be added soon.

Events page

  • Caster portraits: For each event with a caster, the caster's portrait can be found on the bottom right of the event box. An event's caster was previously indicated simply by text.

Contact page

  • Recruitment section: Here at Auzom we are always looking for dedicated individuals to fill important roles within the organization to be able to expand and provide a high quality service. We have therefore added a recruitment section on the contact page with the positions we are currently looking to fill.

As always, we are looking for any feedback from our community regarding improvements to our website. Any bug-sightings, improvement suggestions, feature suggestions? Please don't hesitate to let us know on Twitter or Discord.

Have an Auzom day!

Seeding System and APL Finals

October 29th, 2017


There's lots going on behind the scenes at Auzom at the moment, and we're working frantically to continue bringing you the quality of tournaments that you have come to expect from us! In the middle of all this we can't help but notice that the quantity of discussion regarding our lobby seeding system is becoming a lot greater, so we thought we would explain the system a little bit more.

The system is based on the swiss tournament system, where the idea is that teams play other teams of a similar level and if they do well, they go against better teams, and vice versa. However the majority of the discussion surrounding the system seems to be due to the fact that teams are able to make a large jump in points by having a really good week in a lower lobby. The important thing to remember is that when using swiss-based systems, the intermediate rankings are not as important and are not accurate. The final overall scoreboard will show us if the system has ranked teams relatively well, or if it has not. If there are a lot of unexpected placements in the final scores then we can fairly categorically say that the system has not achieved its goal. Additionally if a team jumps up a long way and then performs well in the higher lobby, that shows us that the team deserved to be playing at that level and is relatively well placed, however if they do not do well they will drop down again until their genuine ranking is found. However, due to the quantity of adverse feedback on the lobby seeding system, we are actively investigating changes/alternative systems for the next season so that we can come back bigger and better than before!

As a final note, we have been monitoring the opinions of players for the last few weeks and have come to the decision that our APL Finals, which take place on November 12th, will have 5 rounds rather than the previously announced 4. This means that teams have an extra chance to prove their worth, and one bad/unlucky round has a smaller impact on a team's overall chances! Furthermore, we have decided that a team's position in the overall scoreboard before the final will count as an extra "bonus round" in the final, our usual scoring system will be used for this.

Have an Auzom day!

Cancellation of Week 7

October 21st, 2017


Today's announcement is one that we have spent quite a long time considering and whilst unfortunately the outcome is not quite as we would like it to be, we feel that it is the best decision for the wider prosperity of the PUBG competitive community as a whole.

Due to the recent announcement of the Intel Extreme Masters PUBG and its qualifiers on the 29th October, we have decided to cancel Week 7 (29th Oct) of the Auzom Premier League. This is mostly due to a scheduling problem that is unresolvable without negatively impacting the competing teams, as in an ideal situation we would be able to reschedule the round but as our finals are taking place on the 12th of November and cannot be moved we are unfortunately left with little choice but to cancel the round.

We have explored many options to see if we could find a solution that accommodates the teams from both regions and also without impacting their ability to participate in other events that they have signed up for, but we have come to the conclusion that none are viable. We also do not believe it is within our right or in our interests to reschedule and directly clash with any other tournaments, nor will we ask any other tournaments to adjust their schedule to allow us to fit in Week 7. This Sunday's matches, and the new "Week 7" on November 5th will continue as normal, so the schedule will now look like this:

Oct 22nd: Week 6
Oct 29th: Week 7 - CANCELLED
Nov 5th: Week 8
Nov 12th: Final

We here at Auzom firmly believe that the health of the wider scene is more important than our own interests, and we will continue to act in a manner that adds to the prosperity of the emerging PUBG esports scene. We will be releasing another blog post in the near future with further information regarding our lobby seeding system and the APL finals!

Once again, thank you for all the support and we hope that it continues!

Have an Auzom day!

Return of the Play Tests

October 11th, 2017

Hey everyone!

We hope you are all enjoying the ongoing APL season! We’re having a blast putting it together and are happy to see that it has been well received by the community! Now, onto the purpose of today’s announcement.

After some careful consideration we have determined that we want to bring back our Play Test format as a way of keeping up with changes in the game and primarily as a testing ground for various different aspects of competitive PUBG. Our goal with this new phase of Play Tests is to experiment with new rules and formats that we may possibly implement at a later date in our flagship tournaments.

So what does this mean? Well, our new Play Tests are entirely separate from our existing APL season and we will not implement any changes from a Play Test in this season of the APL. We are not planning to cast these events but we may occasionally do so to test broadcasting setups, however we will allow player streams! Additionally, receiving feedback on our tests is what we are looking for so if you participate please let us know your comments on what we’ve tested for that specific event. Whilst of course we do intend to publish scores for the Play Tests, they will likely not be released as quickly as they are in the APL as we will need to prioritise any data we get from the event.

Every Play Test might have a different thing we are testing and asking for feedback on, and we are also open to community suggestions about what to test. Play Tests are likely to take place on Thursdays (although this may change), and it is not guaranteed that they will take place every week.

If you have any further questions please feel free to speak to an admin on our Discord server!

Have an Auzom day!

TL;DR: Play Test 11

Date: Thursday, 12 October 2017
Time: Check-in 19:30 CEST / 1:30 PM EDT
Number of teams: 20+
Team size: 4 players
Mode: First Person
Rounds played: 3 rounds
Game settings: APL Settings

Play Test 11 Overview

The Auzom PUBG Play Test 11 will take place on Thursday, October 12th. The purpose of this Play Test is to act as a test run for a potential future points system. We encourage you to get familiar with the scoring system before the event and adapt your playstyle accordingly. Once the Play Test is over, a survey will be provided for feedback purposes.

Other Play Tests might happen in the future to try out new settings for our upcoming season(s).

  • Play Test 11 will NOT be casted, but player streams are permitted.
  • Team Capacity: Subject to host availability, soft limit of 80 teams.
  • 20 teams per server.
  • If we are running multiple servers, they will be seeded manually.
  • Only teams with 3+ Players are allowed to compete, teams failing to meet this criteria will be kicked.
  • We will not restart a round unless we believe it is highly detrimental to our ability to receive feedback on what we are testing.

Point System for Play Test 11

+ 10 points/kill

1st place: 300 points

2nd place: 225 points

3rd place: 190 points

4th place: 165 points

5th place: 145 points

6th place: 130 points

7th place: 115 points

8th place: 100 points

9th place: 85 points

10th place: 70 points

11th-12th place: 60 points

13th-15th place: 50 points

16th-20th place: 40 points

How to Join

The sign up form is available here:

Gameday Schedule

19:30 CEST (1:30 PM EDT): Check-In on the Auzom Discord
~19:50 CEST (1:45 PM EDT): Server information will be posted in the respective text channel
20:00 CEST (2:00 PM EDT): Match start

Please join the server as soon as the information has been posted.

An image will be posted in the text channel showing which server slot each team is expected to join. For every new round you will need a new password, which will be available in the relevant channel when the new lobby is created. You will have 5 mins to join the server after the server information has been published before it is locked and the round is launched.

The server slot number will be the same every round.


Servername: Server 1, Auzom Play Test 11
PW: Password
Mode: 1PP
Server will get locked at XX:XX CEST

Official Statement Regarding Perspective Change

September 29th, 2017

Dear Community,

As we're sure most of you are well aware, the issue of First and Third Person within competitive PUBG is a very hot topic and one that is frequently touched upon in every single place of discussion in the community. We at Auzom are no stranger to the debate and have followed it closely since it began, although largely staying away from the public discussion. Ever since our inception many years ago we have put the community at the forefront of our decision making process as we believe that it is not possible to have a healthy esports scene without the full backing of its community.

Before we started the first season of the Auzom Premier League we conducted a poll internally on our Discord server on the matter and it returned a dead heat amongst those who voted. The results were as follows: 76 for FPP, 79 for TPP and 12 for both. Based on the results of this poll we deemed that it was not viable to select a singular mode for the season - this is where our idea for a weekly rotation came from. As time went on and the discussion continued, we believe that our existing position became untenable.

Over the last couple of days we conducted a poll open only to the team leaders of current participants in the Auzom Premier League with a simple question: "Should Auzom switch the format of the current season of the APL to First Person ONLY?". At the time of writing the results of that poll are as follows: 93.75% turnout, with 74.6% of that in favour of switching the format to First Person, 25.4% against. It was made clear that this poll was non-binding but with such a significant shift in the margin we cannot afford to ignore the result.

Because of this we are announcing that the active season of the Auzom Premier League will switch to First Person ONLY with immediate effect.

We believe that this is the right decision based on the feedback of our active community, but also for the wider community as it means that teams can now settle and focus on one perspective. It is important to note that we will only ever make large changes to our events during mid season under exceptional circumstances - this will not be the norm. We do not necessarily believe that it is within our right to advocate for one mode or another and for that reason we are not removing Third Person from the picture completely. If opinions shift again in the future we will be ready to adapt and accommodate where we can but for now we will move forward using First Person. All other elements of our events will remain the same until after the season is finished and we have collected feedback and reviewed it internally.

Whilst we have your attention we thought we would take the opportunity to offer further explanation on our overall scoreboard system. Some have expressed their opinion that point allocation should be weighted based upon the lobby - for example Lobby 1 teams earning more points than Lobby 4 teams. As an iteration of the Swiss tournament format, we do not believe that our system is inherently unfair due to the duration of our event. With a total of 8 weeks before the teams for the final are selected the standings should even out to provide a theoretically accurate representation of team ability. We expect that within the first few weeks of the season there will be a lot of switching between lobbies but this is not an issue to worry about as it should stabilise as the event continues. As always we will review the system at the end of the season and collect feedback to determine if we need to make any changes.

Thank you all for your time and thank you for your participation! If you have further questions please contact an admin or a member of staff on our Discord server.

Have an Auzom day!

Welcome to Our New Community Manager

September 28th, 2017


Today we have some very exciting news to share with you all. We are proud to welcome Jennifer Gjulameti to the Auzom team to fill the very important role of Community Manager!

We are excited and look forward to work with her and accomplish great things together from this point on. Please join us in welcoming your brand new Auzom Community Manager!

Have an Auzom day!

Welcome to the Auzom Premier League

September 3rd, 2017

G'day everyone!

As I'm sure you're aware, we have recently been mentioning a "season" quite a lot on our Discord server and also Twitter. But what is it? Well, we're happy to say that today we can bring you some more information about this fancy new season business, with more details coming later! So how is it going to work? Well, we'll start by saying that the signups are opening at 20 CEST on Monday 4th September!

A Quick Overview

Season structure: Open Ladder is populated by weekly signups. One seasonal scoreboard that decides what server each team will populate. For example, Server 1: Top 20 Ranked, Server 2: Top 40 Ranked, etc.
Number of divisions: 1 Open Ladder division [NA + EU Combined], up to 4 lobbies
Mode: 3PP and 1PP
Team size: 4 + 2 subs
Game settings: Red Zone disabled, Costumes Multiplier 0
Registration period: 1 week
Season duration: 9 weeks, containing 3 stages.
Rounds: 24 Rounds for each division, plus 4 rounds for finalists

This season we will be using both 3PP and 1PP perspective on an alternating basis, as follows:

Qualifier 1: 3PP
Qualifier 2: 1PP
Round 1: 3PP
Round 2: 1PP


The qualifying period will last 2 weeks and will act as a fast track method for teams to get their initial ranking used for seeding the lobbies in the group stage. In Qualifier One teams will be split over servers manually to help speed up the process. For Qualifier two and any round after the seeding will be based off of the team's current ranking in the season scoreboard. Please refer to the following example (example uses 8 server slots for demonstration purposes).


The group stage will also have open signups, but priority will be given to teams already actively competing in the competition. There will not be a closed higher tier. This stage can accommodate a maximum of 72 teams on gameday depending on lobby hosting availability and matches will be played on Sundays lasting 6 weeks. The server lobby seeding will be based off of the points in the season standing. These points are accumulated by playing qualifiers and group stage rounds.


The finals stage will take place on one Sunday and will be made up of 4 rounds, two of which will be 3PP and two 1PP. The top 16 ranked teams in the standings at the end of the group stage will qualify to play in the Finals. The team with the highest points score at the end of the finals will be declared the winner.

We look forward to seeing you in the signups!

Have an Auzom day!

End of Play Test Phase, the Future and Scoring Changes

August 11th, 2017


We hope you've all been enjoying yourselves recently, we certainly have! Our definition of enjoyment is likely to be slightly different though since we've been very busy plotting future events and keeping CptObvs tied to his chair and bribing him with cake so that he keeps working on the website! We'll pay him eventually, we swear!

Anyway, on to business! As you may have guessed from the title of the blog post, Play Test 10 will be our last. Alas, what's done is done. What that means is that we'll be on a short hiatus but fear not! We'll be back very soon with more information on our future events. To give a small hint, we've got big plans ahead and will be entering into a seasonal format in the near future. Keep an eye out for any announcements!

Additionally, we'll be implementing a couple of very small changes to the scoring system which can be seen below. The new system aims to give a slightly greater reward for achieving 1st place, whilst also differentiating between 11th-15th and 16th-last.

Previous Scoring System:

+ 1 point/kill

1st place: 30 points

2nd place: 25 points

3rd place: 20 points

4th place: 15 points

5th place: 13 points

6th place: 11 points

7th place: 9 points

8th place: 7 points

9th place: 5 points

10th place: 3 points

11th-last place: 1 point

Proposed Scoring System:

+ 1 point/kill

1st place: 32 points

2nd place: 25 points

3rd place: 20 points

4th place: 15 points

5th place: 13 points

6th place: 11 points

7th place: 9 points

8th place: 7 points

9th place: 5 points

10th place: 3 points

11th-15th place: 1 point

16th-last place: 0 point

With that said, we're looking forward to Play Test 9 which is our biggest yet! We'll be looking at how the first person only lobby differs in terms of playstyle when compared to the third person lobbies. The contrast is likely to be very interesting! We would also like to take the opportunity to thank all the participants of our Play Tests up until this point, we value your participation greatly and are especially thankful for the way you've helped us shape our events!

Finally, we'd like to welcome Paramon to the admin team! She will be able to handle any of your requests or pass information on to the rest of the team!

Have an Auzom day!

Welcome to Our New Admins

July 14th, 2017

Hello community!

Last week we announced that we were looking to expand our administration team for our PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds events. We're happy to announce that KNAPKINATOR and Paddii have now joined the Auzom PUBG admin team and will help run and improve our events from behind the scenes. If you have any questions regarding our events, don't hesitate to contact Skrublord_Gump, KNAPKINATOR, or Paddii.

Moreover, we will be hosting two tiers for our next PUBG event Sunday, July 16th at 8PM CEST. Tier 1 will be casted by Daskro at Tier 2 will be casted by ToffeesTV at

We're excited for this event, we hope to see you all there!

Have an Auzom day!

A Chance to Join the Crew

July 7th, 2017

Dear PUBG players!

Auzom is looking to expand into the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds scene in the upcoming months! This of course means that we need to expand our admin crew! We've been wondering how to go about finding the most capable people for the job, but then we realised that the answer was right in front of us in the form of our own community.

So, that means we are opening applications for new members of staff to help us with our weekly PUBG events, and perhaps some other exciting projects too! An ideal applicant would have experience in community management or event management. We also require a decent level of English and, perhaps more importantly, time. We need to be able to count on you when it's required. The work is fairly widely spread throughout the week but the most time is required during the weekend as we prepare and run our events!

If you want to try it out, please send a private message to Skrublord_Gump on our Discord.

We hope to see you in the team soon!

Have an Auzom day!

Auzom Developer Update #3

July 7th, 2017


Here at the Auzom team we are constantly looking to improve our services. Another event and another week of development has passed. Here's what's been going on...

The following things have been added to the website:

  • Further design tweaks for the scoreboard. Among other things, the scoreboard now supports logos for teams that want to use their branding.
  • Improved scoreboard refresh. No need anymore to refresh the entire page in the browser to update the scoreboard.
  • Added an event info section to the front page. We hope this helps convey information about the upcoming event better.
  • Further code optimization.

The team signup feature is something we are continuously investigating solutions to. We are hoping to have this implemented as soon as possible.

Any feedback or ideas you might have, don't hesitate to let us know on Twitter or Discord. We appreciate all constructive feedback!

Have an Auzom day!

Auzom Play Tests - Week 3

July 2nd, 2017

Hello again!

As Play Test #4 approaches, we wanted to give a short rundown of what changes will take place for the upcoming event.

Changes for Play Test #4 (Ruleset squad4 v0.3)

Pistol and SMG loot will be returned to default

The red zone will remain off.

Our biggest change for this event is in regard to the scoring system. The scoring system for Play Test #4 will be as follows:

Scoring System, Play Test #3:

+ 1 point/kill

1st place: 40 points

2nd place: 35 points

3rd place: 30 points

4th place: 26 points

5th place: 22 points

6th place: 20 points

7th place: 18 points

8th place: 16 points

9th place: 14 points

10th place: 13 points


20th place: 3 points

Scoring System, Play Test #4:

+ 1 point/kill

1st place: 30 points

2nd place: 25 points

3rd place: 20 points

4th place: 15 points

5th place: 13 points

6th place: 11 points

7th place: 9 points

8th place: 7 points

9th place: 5 points

10th place: 3 points

11th-last place: 1 point

To clarify, this means that teams that place below top 10 will receive 1 point. Our reasoning is that this system would have kills be weighted more (relative to the placement score) for lower placing teams, and at the same time rewarding a high placement in the round. Please note that these changes are not final and are only being tested to see how they affect the gameplay.

Thank you for your participation and your feedback. Let's make Play Test 4 a great one!

Have an Auzom day!

Auzom Developer Update #2

June 27th, 2017


Another week has gone by, and the dev team at Auzom has been working on some new interesting things. Here's the rundown...

The following things have been added to the website:

  • Code optimization.
  • Further design tweaks for the scoreboard.
  • Scoreboard archiving: Links to scoreboards from previous events can now be found in a dropdown on every scoreboard.
  • More statistics: More statistics have been added to the scoreboard. In "condensed"-mode you can find the following statistics by clicking on team names and player names: kill-percentage for teams, average round placement for teams, kill-rank for players, highest killcount for players and average kills per round for players.

The dev team will now focus on the following features:

  • Team signup
  • Improved scoreboard refresh

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated. Don't hesitate to let us know of any bugs you may find, or features that you would like to see implemented.

Have an Auzom day!

Auzom Play Tests - Week 2

June 24th, 2017

Howdy folks!

We just wanted to give you a quick update on the rule changes we are implementing for this week's play test! Based on feedback given from Play Test #2, we will be altering the following:

Changes for Play Test #3 (Ruleset squad4 v0.2)

Crate Drops will return to 1x
Pistol and SMG loot will be increased to 2x

The red zone will remain off and we are maintaining the scoring system from Play Test #2.

As always, we are welcome to any suggestions so if there's a change that you would like to see for a future play test please let us know!

Just as a final note we would like to apologise once again for the issues we encountered last week to do with server stability. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do regarding this issue as we are randomly allocated the server when we launch the lobby. That said, it looks like it was an issue experienced across the whole community - not just for us! Regardless, we hope that we will not have any problems for tomorrow's event!

Have an Auzom day!

Auzom Developer Update #1

June 17th, 2017


These developer updates aim to provide you, the community, with some insight into what is being implemented or updated on the website so they don't go completely unnoticed, and also the exciting stuff that is in the plans for the future.

To start off, we are very thrilled to have all of you joining us from launch. We hope you are having a pleasant experience with the website so far. We want to make your experience as enjoyable and engaging as possible. Much of the improvements to the website are based on feedback from the community, so we encourage you to keep up the solid feedback so we can deliver that experience.

The following features have been implemented these past weeks since launch:

  • This blog section.
  • Added a navigation bar to the scoreboard page.
  • Design tweaks for the scoreboard.
  • Added star icons next to the team captains on the scoreboard.
  • Proper page titles.
  • Improved content management (not visible to the user, but makes for a more pleasant developer experience).

Of course, there's still more work to be done. What's in the plans for the future? In no particlular order, the following features are in the plans of being implemented:

  • Scoreboard archiving: Links to scoreboards from previous events.
  • More statistics: Average kills/round (team and player), average total kills (team and player) and "spotlight statistics" for top performers such as player with most kills, team with most kills, etc.
  • Improved scoreboard refresh: Ability to refresh scoreboard without having to do a full refresh of the page in the browser.
  • Country representation: Flags to indicate a team's country representation.
  • Event highlights: Livestream highlights on the scoreboard page.
  • Team signup: Ability to sign-up as a team directly from the website to create a more cohesive "Auzom experience" for the events.

We want your feedback

As previously mentioned, many of these updates are based on feedback from the community. We are looking forward to reading your feedback on any channel of communication you may choose, whether it be on Discord, Twitter or the livestream. Thank you for the patience and support, and thank you for being a part of the Auzom community!

Have an Auzom day!

Auzom Play Tests - Week 1

June 14th, 2017

Hello everyone!

This first article is the beginning of a new way for Auzom to give you insight on how we decide the changes in our game format. We think that, as a community-based organisation relying on your feedback to progress, you deserve the right to know what we base our decisions upon.

Changes for Play Test #2 (Ruleset squad4 v0.1)

Red zone: Off
Crate drop rate: 2x
New scoring system (see below)
One reserve player allowed per team

Our first play test took place Sunday 11th of June. We were happy to see so many people willing to play, ending up refusing teams due to space limitation. We have had a great show, enthusiastic viewers and not too many issues even if PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is still in early access.

We opened the registration this Monday evening and the event was full in just a few hours. Thanks, we like to see your enthusiasm!

After the first event, we asked the teams to give us feedback to tweak the rules for the next event. Here are the results of the surveys and the decisions we have made based on this feedback.

  • 67% want to stick with 3rd person (10/15). We will continue with 3rd person for Play Test #2.
  • Almost everyone requested to be able to add a reserve. We decided to let teams have one reserve player for Play Test #2, in case of any issues.
  • Wanting to try the game without this random factor and due to suspicion of causing game crashes, the red zone will be turned off for Play Test #2.
  • 53% (8/15) want to have a crate drop rate increased to 2x. We will try this for Play Test #2.

All other settings will be kept as they were for Play Test #1 (= default).

Based on feedback gathered on Discord we have decided to grant a bit less points for placing, to give more weight to kills. You can see the difference between the old and the new scoring system down below:

Scoring System, Play Test #1:

+ 1 point/kill

1st place: 50 points

2nd place: 40 points

3rd place: 35 points

4th place: 30 points

5th place: 26 points

6th place: 22 points

7th place: 20 points

8th place: 18 points

9th place: 16 points

10th place: 14 points

11th place: 13 points


Scoring System, Play Test #2:

+ 1 point/kill

1st place: 40 points

2nd place: 35 points

3rd place: 30 points

4th place: 26 points

5th place: 22 points

6th place: 20 points

7th place: 18 points

8th place: 16 points

9th place: 14 points

10th place: 13 points

11th place: 12 points


We really want to thank everyone taking part in this project. Make sure to have an eye on our Twitter account to know everything about our next events! If you are a participant of our Play Test #2, make sure to fill in our next survey for feedback!

Have an Auzom day!

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